Transferring a Fire


Law Dog: 1 civet and 1 striped skunk today so life is good! Sept 28, 2019 13:06:10 GMT -5
jarentz: Good evening all, sounds like you have been busy Law Dog! Sept 29, 2019 19:54:07 GMT -5
frerotte: Good morning everyone. Off to work in a mo busy weekend with all the hunting seasons opening. Deer bow opens tomorrow. Sept 30, 2019 9:27:53 GMT -5
frerotte: Just picked up a buck mink that was killing Koi fish. Doesn't look too bad fur wise might even be worth $2.00. Oct 1, 2019 12:39:48 GMT -5
Law Dog: Abby was on my lap the other day napping for a while I noticed she stopped shedding and put on a few "winter" pounds already I'd say she is close to prime! LOL So wet here it will be a challenge making sets. Oct 2, 2019 22:41:18 GMT -5
Law Dog: State game meeting yesterday Antis trying to get a 24 hour check and make it OK to let a 3rd party release animals from traps glad to say nothing new passed.Just a lot of lies and little common sense from the antis they were not willing to follow the rules Oct 4, 2019 17:58:00 GMT -5
jarentz: Good evening all! Oct 4, 2019 18:49:48 GMT -5
frerotte: Should have an open season on those who release animals from our traps Oct 5, 2019 14:18:23 GMT -5
frerotte: Raccoon season opened today. A little early but I may put out a couple sets just to see how they are coming along Oct 5, 2019 16:38:13 GMT -5
dtraper: Just got a little cool air down this way - been in the 90s - 57 this morning , still too warm to think about settin a line-- LOL- traps still need dyed and waxed - D- Oct 8, 2019 16:16:23 GMT -5
Law Dog: Shed about done, firewood for the next few days then start on trapping it's going to be tough to get around with all of this wet here. Oct 8, 2019 23:00:28 GMT -5
frerotte: Jerry you should look at an ARGO they float and go just about anywhere. Oct 9, 2019 15:43:41 GMT -5
Law Dog: Overall that might slow me down. I have the old D50 that gets me around well just the back tracking might be a pain. Collected dirt before the rain hit today will work on it during the storm. Oct 9, 2019 22:25:20 GMT -5 *
frerotte: Skunk and raccoon today. Have not fleshed yet letting them cool down first. Oct 10, 2019 12:06:54 GMT -5
Law Dog: A skunk inside a garage in a dark corner in a squirrel cage what a mess, the cage was wedged in a old wooden door next to a old car no room to work lets say it did not go well! LOL Oct 10, 2019 23:14:03 GMT -5
jarentz: Good evening all! Oct 11, 2019 19:03:30 GMT -5
Law Dog: Still working on dirt it was not as dry as I wanted it to be but the snow was coming so I was not picky. Cleaned and loaded my lure tote and filled urine bottles up also. Still a lot to do to get going. Oct 12, 2019 20:43:00 GMT -5
dtraper: Got a little cool down this way , had frost and figure it's bout time for me to think about digging out the thermals -- after 6 months of 80s and 90s anything below 60 is cool-LOL--D- Oct 13, 2019 17:49:42 GMT -5
dtraper: Like Christmas around here - got a package from Jerry .. mail lady had it double wrapped in plastic bags-- smell like yote killin lure -D- Oct 17, 2019 18:19:34 GMT -5
jarentz: Evening all, the smell of fall is in the air! Oct 17, 2019 18:39:55 GMT -5