CDR BIG PANS!!!!!!!!!!


bobo: I think he put a hurt'en on 'em last season.. Mar 1, 2015 15:54:29 GMT -5
Law Dog: Distemper would be my guess it's been putting the hurt in the skunks and coons here the last few years! Mar 1, 2015 16:04:04 GMT -5
dtraper: Did the same up in Illinois couple years ago -- was hoping it's done run it's course and this coming year will see some fur -- last time 4 good yotes / 3 bad mangy ones --- 25? XXXL coons and zip on the foxes--That was in a week and a half of trappin--D- Mar 1, 2015 19:14:41 GMT -5 *
frerotte: Hello all. We had the distemper go through the last two years. No small coons this year and no skunks caught by me. Did not hurt the grinners though. Mar 1, 2015 20:27:56 GMT -5
Law Dog: The grinner and cockroach will be the last 2 critters on this earth! LOL They say they are immune from rabies too. Mar 1, 2015 21:24:44 GMT -5
bobo: Good Morning "D"-Jerry-Mud-Penntrapper-frerotte-lee78-OHIO-BillM-CDR-longbarrel-mark.Good Morning to all at A.T.T.. You all have a Great day... Mar 2, 2015 4:08:14 GMT -5 *
dtraper: Good morning Bob [dang yer up early]Jerry-Frerotte-Patraper-Glen-Forrest-Bill-Mark-Mud-Longbarrel-Lee and trappers -cleanin and changing around the fur shed today ... in other words tryin to stay out of the house, safer that way-Y"all have a great one-D- Mar 2, 2015 5:27:31 GMT -5 *
pennsylvaniatrapr: morning everybody got a snow day today,that means me too.I could get used to this.Keep your head down D. Mar 2, 2015 7:01:32 GMT -5
Law Dog: Bob and weave D, bob and weave! ??? Mar 2, 2015 8:51:16 GMT -5
frerotte: Afternoon everyone. Above freezing today and water running in the streets from the melt. Still 3 feet on the level and it will take a while for that to melt unless we get a good warm rain. Then I will build an ark cause it will flood real good Mar 2, 2015 12:24:45 GMT -5
Law Dog: Creeks will be a mess if the melt continues! Mar 2, 2015 13:35:09 GMT -5
dtraper: Wearin camo--I AM INVISABLE-- not .. she checked up on me all day.. ain't no way to get in trouble--lol-D- Mar 2, 2015 20:27:10 GMT -5
bobo: Good Morning "D"-Jerry-Mud-Penntrapper-frerotte-lee78-OHIO-BillM-CDR-longbarrel-mark.Good Morning to all at A.T.T.. You all have a Great day... Mar 3, 2015 3:59:48 GMT -5 *
dtraper: Good morning Bob and trappers -Prayer request , got to spend the day with the old gal .. hope I make it--D- Mar 3, 2015 4:36:56 GMT -5
mud: men.... Mar 3, 2015 8:17:28 GMT -5
Law Dog: 5in of snow coming and 50 MPH winds this should be interesting in this flat country. :-/ Mar 3, 2015 8:32:06 GMT -5
frerotte: Good morning all. D I hope you survive. Mar 3, 2015 10:34:03 GMT -5
Law Dog: Cooking down some skunk oil and grease today should be ready in a couple years after it settles. LOL Lee them lambs eat you or something? ??? Mar 3, 2015 13:51:02 GMT -5
bobo: Good Morning "D"-Jerry-Mud-Penntrapper-frerotte-lee78-OHIO-BillM-CDR-longbarrel-mark.Good Morning to all at A.T.T.. You all have a Great day... Mar 4, 2015 4:27:44 GMT -5
bobo: Hey "D", Are you bald now? Did you pull out all your hair? Did you buy her lunch/dinner? Did you survive the day? ???????? Mar 4, 2015 4:37:48 GMT -5