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pennsylvaniatrapr: morning guys have a good one Sept 21, 2014 6:35:14 GMT -5
dtraper: Good morning Bob-Jerry-Frerotte-Pentrapr-Mud-CDR-Bill-Mark-Forrest-Longbarrel and trappers ... got the trucks ready and clean-can't have grinners riding in a dirty truck all that's left is the wait till season-Y'all have a good one-D- Sept 21, 2014 7:05:43 GMT -5
Law Dog: Putting in a water heater today plumbing sucks!!! :-/ Sept 21, 2014 12:56:40 GMT -5
frerotte: G'day everyone. Nother beauty of a day here. Sept 21, 2014 13:11:07 GMT -5
bigtwinhd: Was going to post a picture for you Jerry, but it was 1.9mb and could go on the post. Have a couple skunks down at the bear bait eating up dirt covered in barbque sauce! 8 or 9 coons battling it out down there too. Sept 21, 2014 20:35:46 GMT -5
bigtwinhd: "couldn't", not could....dur I need an edit button on everything. Sept 21, 2014 20:36:47 GMT -5
bobo: Morning "D"-Jerry-Longb-Penntrapr-CDR-BillM-Forrest-Glen-Mud-Frerotte.Morning to all at ATT.. You all have a GREAT day Sept 22, 2014 3:10:53 GMT -5 *
frerotte: Good morning all. Rain and cool today Sept 22, 2014 9:11:21 GMT -5
dtraper: Afternoon Friends and Trappers--D- Sept 22, 2014 12:02:00 GMT -5
longbarrel: Afternoo guys. Sept 22, 2014 15:54:29 GMT -5
pennsylvaniatrapr: Jerry, ya got hot water? Sept 22, 2014 19:10:55 GMT -5 *
Law Dog: Yep and called the unit maker and it's a free exchange on the unit, PITA with all the plumbing that it has for the boiler exchange hook up but Free is good, saved $429! Sept 22, 2014 22:33:32 GMT -5
bobo: Morning "D"-Jerry-Longb-Penntrapr-CDR-BillM-Forrest-Glen-Mud-Frerotte.Morning to all at ATT.. You all have a GREAT day Sept 23, 2014 3:28:00 GMT -5
dtraper: Morning Bob-Jerry-Penntraper-Long barrel-Frerotte-CDR-Mark-Bill-Forrest-Mud-Glen and trappers, cool this morning up here in yankee land-anybody layin steel???-D- Sept 23, 2014 5:54:16 GMT -5
longbarrel: Morning guys. Sept 23, 2014 6:49:04 GMT -5
longbarrel: Pheasant farmer called me yesterday, he lost 97 birds in 2 nights all were killed in the flight pen. I shot one coon in the horse barn, but I am thinking he was not doing all this killing his self. Breaking out the DP's. Sept 23, 2014 7:05:10 GMT -5
dtraper: Dang longbarrel that cost him big time! what's a pheasant going for these days? seen they were asking $10 at the flea market .. -D- Sept 23, 2014 7:30:50 GMT -5
Law Dog: Looks like later next month I will start have my trapping buddy coming for 3-5 days want to have a good catch for him when he gets here! Might be the last year the kid will be able to go! Sept 23, 2014 7:37:17 GMT -5
dtraper: Jerry would that be MT??-D- Sept 23, 2014 11:39:24 GMT -5
Law Dog: Nope Bradly from WI the kid with Richardson's disease he's about wheel chair bound so not sure he will have his even limited mobility in the near future, best to do it while he's able too! Sept 23, 2014 12:57:17 GMT -5